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Michael Boctor

As an artist, I see the world through a different lens which allows me to find beauty, value, and depth in absolutely everything. A cadaveric dissection, for example, may seem uninteresting until the right filmmaker is able to evolve the complexity and intrigue of it. An audience may grow numb to the beauty of a historic marching band’s traditions until that band is showcased in a way that can do justice to its marvel. My constant search for meaning allows deeper messages to come to light and brings audiences to new understandings.

Film creates more accessible ways of understanding and communicating the complexities of our world. As a medical student at Northwestern University, I am using film to investigate ways of clearly communicating implications and advancements in the scientific and medical fields. While discovery is essential, clear dissemination is necessary to move these fields forward. Innovation often occurs when someone with a unique background transfers skills from one domain to another. With my current and future projects, I will continue to use my combined passions of film and medicine to bring empathy and understanding to patients, physicians, and populations.

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